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Location Intelligence at your fingertips

Geoblink’s geo-spatial intelligence platform gives you instant access to all relevant data and powerful analytics features needed to extract key insights that fuel your expansion and geomarketing strategies.

Find the best locations

Reveil and analyse unique locations that meet your target customer profile in a matter of seconds.

Understand your customers

Understand the surroundings of your stores and identify your target audience areas.

Analyze your performance

Extract unique insights by visualising, and enriching your internal performance data.

We do the heavy data lifting!

Our team of data scientists have built the most comprehensive and unique dataset in the industry. So you don’t have to!
  • Unique data

    Our one-stop-data-shop includes sociodemographic data, floating population, commercial transactions, pedestrian traffic, and so forth. Over 600.000 POIs are incorporated for you to analyse competitors and attractors.

  • All in one place

    Have you ever tried collecting, standardising, and crossing data, and put it in one central place? It’s painful, we know! We have done so for >35 layers of data.

  • Easily accessible

    Geoblink offers an intuitive and easy-to-use interface geared towards putting advanced analytics in the hands of business users. No databases handling, Big Data or GIS expertise needed.

Find. Analyse. Decide!

A robust set of functionalities allow you to access our data and extract key insights from it. Lightning fast!

  • Discover the best locations

    Find new locations that meet your criteria using a drag & drop interface. You can even look for available properties, lease or buy.

  • Analyze surroundings

    Perform deep-dive analysis of one or multiple influence areas, understand cannibalisation, test hypothesis, and analyse your competition.

  • Understand your customers

    Get to know who lives around your stores, analyse where customers are coming from, and understand their spending patterns. Many of our customers optimise their Marketing campaigns, using Geoblink.

Discover your network’s driving force

Leverage big data and advanced analytics to understand and boost your network’s performance.

  • Track performance

    Track the performance KPI’s of your network with personalised dashboards. Identify best and worst performers and deep dive into root causes.

  • Unravel geo-success drivers

    Understand how external factors affect your performance metrics.

  • Forecast sales

    Use our clustering technology to group your stores and predict sales of new openings.

Why should you care?

 Location, location, location. Some of our clients would even go as far as stating that location is the #1 determining factor of the success of their networks.

This leaves retailers with a massive challenge. But one with incredible opportunities.
  • Faster time-to-market

    Proper location due diligence costs time. Save that time and start generating revenue sooner.

  • Build competitive advantage

    Beat your competition to great locations, deliver a superior product mix, and win the market with tailored marketing campaigns.

  • Cut down on expansion research costs and time spent

    Expansion research quickly adds up to a significant cost centre. With Geoblink your team can focus only on the locations that really matter.

  • Minimise risk

    Prevent costly mistakes by getting the full 360° picture of a location.

  • Make and justify decisions on hard data

    Objectively select and prioritise locations, and justify decision making based on hard data.

And now what?

Choose the plan that best suits your needs



  • Instant access to PDF report
  • Understand a location exploring all the relevant data of a defined area
  • Available only in Spain


  • Instant access to PDF report
  • Get a list of the best locations for your openings based on your criteria
  • Available only in Spain



  • Unlimited PDF and Excel reports
  • Up-to-date external data from multiple sources
  • Geoanalytic capabilities
  • Email customer support
  • 24/7 access from any device


  • Unlimited PDF and Excel reports
  • Up-to-date external data from multiple sources
  • Geoanalytic capabilities
  • Full customer support
  • 24/7 access from any device
  • Integration with internal data
  • Business Intelligence modules with additional geoanalytics capabilites

Have any further questions?

Still don’t understand quite yet how Geoblink and Location Intelligence can help you?

Ask your own personal Location Intelligence consultant. We are here to answer all of your questions or guide you through any process.

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