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Geoblink helps professionals throughout the retail value chain solve their daily challenges, and it all starts with location.

COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE Maximise the value of your assets and find the right tenant mix to boost ROI.

RETAIL Open in the right places and identify what impacts sales for each location.

CONSUMER GOODS Revamp your product mix, knowing which sites to activate for different products.

Brands who are managing their locations from end-to-end


Most traditional retail management methods have failed

We know what happened: changes in consumer behaviour fuelled by technological disruption have shaken the retail ecosystem to its core.

The future of retail is about having full control of each location

No point of sale or commercial asset is the same—and they shouldn’t be treated as such. Geoblink gives you a 360º view of what impacts site performance.


How does Geoblink help you get the most out of your locations?

Gain strategic insights about your business instantly and roll out tailored action plans to maximise success.

1. Seamless data integration

2. More data for more context

3. Operable insights

4. Strategic plan roll-out

Seamless data integration

1. Seamless data integration

Geoblink helps you centralise your tools and business data so you can and visualise and monitor performance in one place.


More data means more context

2. More data for more context

Your data is then enriched with Geoblink’s premium location data to give you the full context on what is happening around your sites.


Operable insights

3. Operable insights

Your team will be automatically notified about problems and opportunities across your network to apply the right measures.


Strategic roll out

4. Strategic plan roll-out

Tailor your action plan by site, involve the right people to execute it, revamp your product mix or relocate to the right location.


Make maximising performance easy

Geoblink's Location Management Platform was designed to help professionals with different business profiles achieve their goals and make their locations reach their full potential.


Monitor and manage your network’s health and ensure it reaches its full sales potential.


Open in places where the market conditions match your best-performing stores.


Reinforce your product mix and launch campaigns at the right time and place.

Why choose Geoblink to help maximise your locations' performance?

Make sense
out of data

Easily unify and visualise your point of sale data and third-party data in one place.

Actionable intelligence

Get immediate insights and take the proper measures to ensure success per location.

Full network

Obtain a 360º view of your locations and monitor their performance.

Unique location
data insights

Monitor how spending, footfall, competitor movements, etc. affect your network.

Automatic performance alerts

Flag potential issues before they become problems and proactively solve them.

Growth potential identification

Capitalise on growth potential across your entire network, from catchment area to territory level.

Find out what clients say about us

“Working with Geoblink brings us great joy. By combining their mathematical models with our know-how, we’ve been able to organise a chaotic network in just three months. It’s unbelievable, we had been trying to solve this problem for 70 years”

Favio Zarbano
Channel Development Manager


“The only thing I do not like about Geoblink is that my competitors can get the same platform and I could lose my competitive edge”

David Abrahams
Franchise Director

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“The biggest advantage of Geoblink is being able to analyse many different data sources efficiently in just one place”

Oscar Garcia
Retail Intelligence Director


Learn how you can turn data into actionable intelligence

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