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Geospatial Business Intelligence

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Our mission

Make informed business decisions and maximize ROI

opening new stores

From opening to closing

Optimize your current network and site selection strategy

Why do some locations perform better than others?

What are the key characteristics of the influence area of your stores?

What is the market potential of an area?

What is your competition doing?

What is the optimal location for a new store?

What are the estimated revenues of a store before it opens?

Geomarketing and Advertising

Optimize the impact of your campaigns

Where are your best customers?

What are the sociodemographic characteristics of an area?

What are the areas that match certain criteria?

Where should you focus for your campaigns to have the greatest impact?

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Our Solution

Explore. Analyze. Decide.

It’s no longer good enough to make decisions based on intuition and experience alone. More data and analytic input are now available to understand what was previously unknown.

Visualize ready-to-use, rich, and up-to-date data


Explore and understand locations


Run one-click analytics
Create custom dashboards


Create dynamic reporting


Access anytime anywhere (SaaS)

Cutting-edge technologies:
we apply traditional and non-traditional
advanced analytics techniques over
big and small data

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Why you care

What's in it for you?

Understand your network

Geoblink allows you to understand your network, by providing data and analysis. You will understand what drives performance, and what are the characteristics of your store surroundings.

Increase sales

You will adapt your stores to the characteristics of the area where they are located, and you will open new stores in areas where the potential sales are maximized. You will maximize the impact of your marketing and advertising efforts.

Minimize costly mistakes

With Geoblink, you will minimize new store openings that are doomed to fail because of decisions based on incorrect judgements. Also, you will optimize the ROI of your advertising campaigns.

Reduce uncertainty

You will reduce risks by using an empirical approach to decision-making.

Now is the time to upgrade your decision-making capabilities.

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