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The 5 tools that revolutionize the retail sector

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Driven by increased globalization, intensified digitization and the rise of the omnichannel, the retail sector has never before experienced such a rapid evolution as in recent years. These transformations represent a real challenge for both traditional businesses and new players. All must adapt and innovate with the sector, or lose precious market shares.

Nevertheless, besides the difficulties, these changes are also a source of great opportunities. Taking the direction of digitization can be a vector of competitive advantages for the actors of the sector knowing how to bet on the appropriate tools.

Thus, we have selected 5 innovative solutions to assist you in optimizing the performance of your business.

1.  Payfit: simplified human resources management.

Human resources management is closely linked to the well-being and productivity of an organization. Long regarded as time-consuming and complex, the management of pay, leave and expenses are now optimized within intuitive and innovative solutions. This is the case of Payfit software, which centralizes the administrative management of your teams.

With just a few clicks, and through a simple interactive platform, you can plan in advance the payment of your employees, automatically edit the pay slips, and also manage expense reports. Regarding the management of schedules, holidays, special leave, arrival or departure, all necessary documents are made available on the personal account of each employee: by which most interactions and requests are realized.

Payfit allows you to improve the responsiveness and efficiency of your human resources management, while saving you time and gaining productivity.

2.  Vend: the dematerialized payment.

The rise of experiential marketing and omnichannel has disrupted the physical touch points with the customer. This results in a change in the procedures and methods of payment. The time of the cash register is now over. Driven by customer demand for more customization and flexibility, cashing has evolved into a mobile and intelligent process, like the Vend software.

Vend is a checkout software directly accessible on iPad to accompany your customer along his or her route in your institution. It allows a fast, intuitive and customizable cashing.

However, it is not only a cashing software but also a management tool allowing you to have control over your orders and stocks. Finally, this intelligent software allows you to analyze your sales of your products. A field-solution-like strategic thinking to increase the performance of your business.

3.  Geoblink: the power of location tenfold.

Location has always been essential for retail players. Nevertheless, the intensification of competition has made it necessary for retail to base its localization or expansion strategy on more tangible elements than experience or intuition. Nowadays, Location Intelligence solutions provide access to a panorama of all the characteristics of the population and the points of interest of a specific area. They thus make it possible to choose a location based on objective data.

This is the case with Geoblink. With various data sources (public information, partnership,…), worked and visualized in the form of cartography, the solution allows you to find the best locations. In addition, it allows you to evaluate the performance of your institutions and identify external factors affecting the health of your business.

All while providing you with information about your customers, valuable for your geomarketing campaigns. With Geoblink, reduce risk and uncertainty in decision making while improving your analytical skills and your return on investment.

Would you like to see the power of Geoblink in action? Ask for your free trial today!

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4.  Sellsy: optimized customer relationship management.

Digitization has made the journey of consumers more complex. A lot of the interaction between them and your business is now happening online. At the same time, the heyday of hypercompetition has increased the need for loyalty. In fact, customer relationship management nowadays is going through new 360-degree tools. Sellsy is one of those solutions.

It optimizes the acquisition of customers through a tracking system of online campaigns and flows on your website. Customers are referenced in a database that includes consumers from all channels. It allows a segmentation of these to optimize the messages and the strategies according to the different profiles. But the software also facilitates interactions between your business and your consumers, through a system of monitoring and analysis of requests; and a collaborative management in the form of a ticket.

Sellsy allows you to manage your customer relationship from acquisition to loyalty in order to save you time and increase your knowledge of your consumer.

5.  Adotmob: mobile and personalized advertising.

The rise of the digital world is changing the ways for a business to become known and offers a wider audience for a lower price compared to traditional media. While online advertising (outside social networks) can seem complex, new solutions offer intuitive user interfaces that enable retailers to market their businesses. They offer them the opportunity to reach their targets through personalized messages, adapted in real time for a better conversion.

Among these solutions Adotmob offers a programmatic advertising platform on mobile. The software has an extensive database, resulting from partnerships and worked with proprietary algorithms. It thus offers a refined segmentation of the audience, to reach your prospects accurately. The ability to make traditional online shopping purchases or real time bidding allows flexibility in communications strategies, the results of which are measurable across different indicators.

Adotmob is the solution to make your business gain visibility and develop ambitious communication plans and brand strategies in line with the digital uses of today’s consumers.

With all these tools, you can empower your business and overcome the retail challenges. If you want to learn more, take a look at our “Revolutionising retail business management with Location Intelligence” whitepaper and discover the trends, strategies, challenges, and solutions of the retail industry.

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