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Announcing Geoblink’s $1.1 million round led by Nauta Capital to grow and to attract the best talent

Written by Jaime Laulhé ·

Today is an exciting day at Geoblink. We’ve just announced a new round of financing from Nauta Capital, with participation from early investors such as Iñaki Berenguer. We are also welcoming Jordi Viñas from Nauta as a new board member.

Nauta is a leading venture capital firm in Spain with $260 million under management, with offices in Barcelona, London, and Boston. In addition to funding, the investment firm will contribute with their strong expertise in disruptive technologies and B2B software.

The $1.1 million investment will be used to launch new product features, hire new key people, scale sales & marketing, and substantially accelerate growth. This way, the company will continue revolutionizing retail companies through data, analytics, and visualization, to help them understand what was previously unknown.

This new investment brings Geoblink’s total funding to $1.5 million in less than a year since the company’s founding. Past investors include Iñaki Berenguer (successful Spanish entrepreneur – founder of Pixable, Klink and ConverWallet), McKinsey partners, and Juan Roig (Chairman of Mercadona).

I would like to thank the many people that have worked hard in the process of achieving this important milestone, including the team, clients, partners, advisors, early investors and friends.

This is just the beginning of a great journey. Stay tuned.

Jaime Laulhé
CEO and Founder


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