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The Future of Retail Intelligence 2019

Written by Jaime Laulhé ·

It gives me great satisfaction to announce the launch of our first annual “Future of Retail Intelligence 2019” report. In the contents of this study, you will find the analyses of survey responses from more than 600 retail professionals from 27 industry categories from the United Kingdom, Spain and the United States of America. The objective for launching this survey was to determine which retail trends will shape the future of the industry in 2019 and beyond.

The study is just as qualitative as it is quantitative and includes the valuable opinions from retail’s top voices in interview format from likes of Cate Trotter from Insider Trends, Andrew Busby from Retail Reflections, Jasmine Glasheen from RetailWire and Retail Minded, Laura Heller from the Point of Purchase blog on Forbes, Sanford Stein moderator of Retail Speak and many more.

A few key findings from in the report

  • 46% of all survey participants said to have closed one or more establishments on the high street last year. Nevertheless, 68% of retailers plan to open establishments in 2019.

retail intelligence report

  • Despite the criticism brick-and-mortars have faced recently, 56% of retailers claimed that physical establishments were their most effective sales channel in 2018.

Graph Effective Sales Channels

  • 37% of retailers claimed to have closed establishments as a result of choosing a poor location. However, 87% stated that a store’s location was a priority to their business.

Graph Location Important Factors

While some of these findings may seem somewhat contradictory at first glance, I encourage you to download the report and read through the results. I am confident you will discover that the state of retail is a lot more complex than what it may initially seem.

Retail Intelligence 2019 report

Geoblink will host two breakfasts in London and Madrid

To celebrate the launch of this report, Geoblink will host two events in London and Madrid. Join us for breakfast and a deep dive into the findings presented in this study. We will cover which burgeoning tools and techniques are changing the face of retail as we know it.


The future of Retail Intelligence starts now

The results of this survey indicate that retail is at a tipping point. One thing is certain: the retailers who make it to the other side will be the ones who are not only capable of collecting data but also understanding how to incorporate it into their strategies. This is the kind of key information companies will need to become the retailers of the future.

Jaime Laulhé
Founder and CEO of Geoblink

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