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Geoblink and Orange establish partnership for the launch of the “LiveData” feature

Written by Jaime Laulhé ·

I am pleased to reveal our new partnership with Orange that will revolutionise the current state of geographic data analysis. Geoblink and Orange have joined forces to offer precise analysis tools for population flows. These new tools open the door to new possibilities for companies from the retail, FMCG and real estate sectors, among others. This alliance between a leading telecommunications operator in Spain and Geoblink—pioneer in Location Intelligence —acts as the definite answer to companies seeking Big Data solutions to support their decision-making processes when it comes to location.

Orange’s data collected shows how millions of people move from place to place—known as population flows. This population flow data is combined with Geoblink’s many other sources of data and enriched with predictive models and Artificial Intelligence techniques. These highly contextual results on people’s habits and preferences have been included in Geoblink’s new functionality called “LiveData” which will be marketed as an additional module within the platform.

What does “LiveData” mean for business?

“LiveData” segments population flows by the time of day, week, month, etc. and poses many benefits for different business teams:

  • Retail professionals carrying out expansion plans can pinpoint which locations contain the highest concentrations of customers from their target markets and open establishments there.
  • Trade marketers from FMCG companies can know which points of sales to distribute certain products according to the profiles of people in different areas.
  • Marketing specialists can create omnichannel strategies and increase the ROI of their campaigns with targeted promotions for their points of sale or launch highly segmented advertisements or street marketing actions.

With “LiveData”, companies can easily and intuitively determine where people from their target markets live, work, go on holiday or even study. By using Orange’s data, these teams have the most updated information on what is happening around each one of their points of sale locations. This type of shrewd business insight is a powerful ingredient to fuel any successful expansion plan, product mix strategy or geolocalised marketing campaign.

Taking Location Intelligence to new heights

This partnership with Orange that has fuelled the launch of our LiveData feature shows our unwavering commitment to provide our clients with the most innovative solutions on the market. We never stop raising the bar at Geoblink and the development of our LiveData functionality is proof of that. It is a great satisfaction to see Geoblink continue evolving and producing new features that fit our customers’ needs.

Jaime Laulhé,
CEO and Founder of Geoblink

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