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Geoblink enters UK market

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Location intelligence start-up Geoblink, just entered the UK market to help retailers, real estate businesses, and FCMG’s to optimize their physical stores and distribution networks. “Data availability, granularity, and quality remains the number one challenge in leveraging the power of location intelligence, followed by developing the required capabilities to process that data and extract actionable insights”, says Ruud Leijten – VP Sales and Marketing.

Geoblink’s platform that provides this wealth of geo-related data, such as socio demographic, economic, transactional, and pedestrian traffic volumes is currently in beta in the UK, but will be undergoing rapid maturation in the coming month, according to Aurora Rotes VP Product and Strategy at Geoblink. 

Aurora, former Retail Consultant at McKinsey and later Strategy Manager for Mango, goes on to say that developing a superior product for the UK is their top priority. The UK is front runner in Europe in many industries, and we are obsessed with helping businesses and becoming successful there”, she says. 

The use of spatial insights is rapidly spreading across enterprises, Forrester states in their quarterly report Geospatial and Analytics Tools and Platforms”. 

Geoblink was founded in 2015 and raised $1.5 million, with the last round led by Spanish VC Nauta Capital. In 2 years, the 25 employee big start-up, has signed numerous clients like Toyota, BasicFit, Klépierre, and Amrest (Known from KFC, PizzaHut, Starbucks, Burger King). 

To get a glimpse of your business mastery contact us here. We would be more than happy to walk you through the  platform.

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