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Geomarketing advantages for the FIFA World Cup

Written by Rachel Ann Kreis ·

The 21st edition of the FIFA World Cup games is taking place in Russia starting on the 14th of June. In total, 32 teams are participating this year with hopes to return to their countries victorious as the best football team in the world. England, in particular, has been selected to play in Group G this year accompanied by Belgium, Panama and Tunisia and plays on the 18th, 24th and 28th this month. Will England be able to take home the trophy this year? We sure hope so and will be cheering them on from afar.

The FIFA World Cup games do not only represent a moment of national unity and pride but also a strategic time for retailers — especially bars and restaurants displaying the games on big screens inside their establishments. With the recent launch of our newest product feature to measure footfall traffic by time of day, we decided to analyse three popular bars in London and show how they can attract more customers and ultimately boost sales on the days England plays with targeted campaigns — one of the main advantages of geomarketing. You can take a look at our findings for the three bars in the image below:

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geomarketing advantages

London, North of the River Thames

In this part of London, there are approximately 829,240 people of which 50% are of English nationality. And of the 26,500 business in the area 36% of them are bars and restaurants. This is a rather large quantity of the total business fabric in the area making competition between these types of retailers at an all-time high.

Sports bars and pub comparison

The three bars we chose to analyse were the Carlsberg Sports Bar, O’neill’s in King’s Cross and Riley’s Sports Bar in Victoria. Each neighborhood is distinct with its own external factors influencing the amount of footfall traffic and number of England fans in the area.

The Carlsberg Sports Bar, St. James’s

This famous sports bar located on 5 Leicester Square inside the Empire Casino. The footfall traffic for this area is very high as many Londoners and tourists visit this area as it’s known for entertainment. There are also high concentrations of foreign people living in the area, with only 44% of England fans living within a 15-minute radius around the bar. What is also curious to point out is the 20 percentage point difference between males and females in the area — where there are 60% males and 40% females between 20-55 years old. The average salary for this areas is £37,750 which is 10 percentage points less than the average for the entire area (£42,050). If this bar was to launch a street marketing campaign and distribute flyers door-to-door to try to attract more customers to come to watch the game, the key locations within a 15-minute walking distance would be:

  • Street marketing: 24 Cranbourn St, London WC2H 7AB where the footfall traffic is at a maximum rate. The times would be in the afternoons from 12:00-19:00.
  • Flyer Distribution: The closest postcode where this bar should distribute door-to-door flyers is SW1Y 4QN where there is a 42% concentration of England fans.

Oneill’s, King’s Cross

This Irish pub is well-known in the King’s Cross neighbourhood located on 73-77 Euston Rd where footfall traffic is in the medium-high range — less than the footfall traffic in Leicester Square. The average income of the people living in the area is £34,550 which is 17 percentage points less than the average income for people in London, North of River Thames. An additional finding we found interesting to highlight was the number of English nationals living in the area (48%) of which 51% are females and 49% are males aged between 20-55 years old — almost the same. As the amount of footfall traffic directly in front of the bar is not as high, it would be advantageous for this bar to launch geomarketing campaigns in the following areas:

  • Street marketing: 287-297 Pentonville Rd, London N1 9NP where the footfall traffic is maximum making it the best place to launch street marketing campaigns in the afternoons between 12:00-19:00.
  • Flyer Distribution: The postcode closest to the bar in where there is a 56% concentration rate of English people is WC1X 9QX.

Riley’s Sports Bar, Victoria

The sports bar we analysed for FIFA World Cup geomarketing is Riley’s Sport Bar Victoria located on 16 Semley Pl, Victoria, London SW1W 9QJ where the footfall traffic is low. Out of a population of 25,770 people within a 15-minute walking distance, 49% of them are English nationals. There are almost equal numbers of men aged between 20-55 years old (51%) and women (49%). The annual salary for this area is 3% higher than the average income for English people in the area at £43,350. If this bar was to launch a street marketing and flyer distribution campaigns, the ideal locations would be:

  • Street marketing: 32 Sloane Square, Chelsea, London SW1W 8AQ where the footfall traffic is very high in the afternoons between 12:00-19:00 are the best place and times to launch a street marketing campaign.
  • Flyer Distribution: The area closest to this bar where the location of England fans is 53% is at the postcode SW1V 2AL making it the ideal place for flyers distribution.

World Cup geomarketing advantages and beyond

The FIFA World Cup represents a lucrative opportunity for England retailers to try to attract more customers and increase sales during the tournament. However, launching targeted geomarketing campaigns tied to specific national events isn’t the only way this industry can benefit from big data insights. Understanding the amount of footfall traffic at a granular level can help retailers know if a business will be successful in a potential location, discover the ideal times to operate and use resources efficiently by knowing where and when to launch geomarketing campaigns. And while there are external factors affecting the performance of a business, only big data insights can tell you how to use them to your advantage.

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