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How can Location intelligence help you reach your target customers?

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Reach customers : know them and adapt to them. 

The first goal of a retailer is to reach customers. Managing to reach many customers, allows generate sales revenue but above all, in the long term, develop customer loyalty.  In fact, this goal is essential because it is the basis of a win-win relationship between the customer who received a personal offer in the way they prefer –criteria more significant nowadays– and the retailers who have a regular clientele because he precisely offers what his target consume. When you identify what the customer wants to find near to his place, his work or in specific retail, it becomes easier to establish a strategy to reach customers. However the main problem persists: how to reach these customers to become? or how know and adapt to your customers?

Of course, the first thing to do is to study the retail’s environment: who consume? What is their profile? and finally, what do they want? These questions are especially useful to adapt the offer to the nearby client’s needs and lead a communication campaign which suit to the targeted customers. 

A tool in order to know all about around…

For the above main problems -and far more underlying-, there exists a solution. The Location Intelligence allows to make an overview of the population and the points-of-interest’s (park, monument, school, mall, etc.) features of a given place. Far from a superficial analyse, the Location Intelligence gives information such as average age, disposable income, pedestrian traffic for each street, your potential competitors or the concentration of the POIs. All this, is represented on an interactive map just like a GPS device. Geoblink provides this service on a simple, intuitive and complete application which disposes relevant information for you.

And derive a sales strategy.

As a retailer, relying on a deep knowledge of your clients –established ones or to become– is an indispensable resource to provide a constant sales flow. For instance, if you own a convenient store and you observe thanks to Geoblink application that your urban area has an average age quite low, include several schools and thus a high pedestrian traffic at 8 am, 11 am, 1 pm and 5 pm; it could be interesting to focus your offer on breakfasts, lunches and snacks to go for the relevant age range. Also, knowing the kind of POI nearby and their attendance rate allows to derive if they are positive or negative for your business.

Location Intelligence software Screenshot of Geoblink application, it finds a place where there are 34% of household which have at least one child and there are 5 (pre)schools around, among others features.

As a matter of fact, Location Intelligence enables you to explore your opportunities (knowing to who you sell, what your customers like, what they need, the events near to your retail,…) on an interactive map as you access all the information for taking a decision based on objective facts.

To get a glimpse of the impeccable business tool, request a demo here.

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