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The most significant technological retail innovations meet in London

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On the 13-14th of September, London will host a new type of Tech event, the retail-focused innovation fair by Retail Week. This event will feature important conferences from retail companies such as Tesco, John Lewis, M&S or Dixons Carphone, technology companies like IBM or Microsoft, and leading companies in disruption that share their work from a technological perspective that is shaping their present and future.

Along with the conferences, panel discussions will take place, with panelists discussing and exploring the latest innovations on location both in and out of stores, self-driving vehicles for distribution, virtual reality in the shopping experience or big data and machine learning for making strategic decisions. Leaders of technology companies, investors, technological profiles of retail companies and innovative startups, will share their knowledge about the future of the evolution of retail companies.

Every small process of a company, from the conception and product development to customer delivery, is susceptible to disruption. The proper handling of large volumes of data in each part of a process not only optimizes but also evolves the same process in an unique way providing different methods of creating value.

For example, it is in this sense that one of the panelists, Tracy Issel, General Manager, Worldwide Retail and Consumer Goods of Microsoft, will talk about disruptive technologies in retail and how the introduction of reality to the virtual world will change the way of buying; “with all the recent advances in technology, we are rapidly approaching the point where science fiction is literally a science fact. We’ve all become fairly accustomed, if not addicted, to having the internet in our pockets and living in a paradigm of constant connectivity”, she said.

The company Geoblink was selected by Bloomberg last March as one of the 50 most promising startups worldwide and will present its Geospatial Business Intelligence application to optimize the network of stores through marketing campaigns and site selection strategy to open new stores. Thanks to their big data sources and ready to use software (through an intuitive display layer), companies such as Toyota, Anytime Fitness and Poundland have already realized the scientific way of how environmental factors affect the performance of your store network.

The digital sale is redefining how retail is configured around consumers and their changing habits of behavior and consumption. Innovation and creativity open up a universe of opportunities for companies that know how to adapt and adopt the latest technologies.

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