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The top 20 cities to open a fast-food restaurant in Spain

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The Challenge

Location is considered to be the key determining factor for success in the food and restaurant business by many of our clients. But objectively choosing the next city or region to expand into is often impossible. Often they rely on gut feeling and intuition to take decisions, putting large investments at risk and potentially missing opportunities to optimize their businesses.

That’s why we have created the Geoblindex, a free industry specific index that ranks 482 cities (municipalities >15.000 inhabitants) in Spain on new business potential.


The Geoblindex looks at a number of variables to index cities, namely ( i) the target audience market size, ( ii) the amount of tourists, ( iii) the number of competitors, ( iv) the wealth of the population, and ( v) the expected cost structure of doing business. 

“The Geoblindex is an industry specific index that ranks cities on new business potential.”Best cities to open a fast food restaurant in Spain

Notable mentions

Distribution curve
As can be seen in the image bellow, the Geoblindex follows an almost normally distributed bell curve.
Geoblindex - Distribution curve

Most saturated municipality:
Alfafar in Valencia
Least saturated municipality: Hospitalet de Llobregat near Barcelona
Madrid and Barcelona municipalities: End up in the bottom 10% of our indexation.
Best province: Barcelona
Best region: Andalucía


Number 1: Algeciras

According to the Geoblindex, Algeciras offers the greatest fast-food new business opportunity, due to its perfect combination of relatively low competition, affordable real estate prices, and a substantial population with an optimal buying power.

Situated in the south of Spain, Algeciras offers a substantial potential customer base with its municipality counting almost 118.000 inhabitants. With an average disposable income of €21.500, its population’s purchasing power lies roughly €3.500 and €1.500 above the provinces’ and the country’s average, respectively. In addition Algeciras attracts 64.000 tourists on a yearly basis, of which 32.6% comes from outside of Spain. According to our index, which is based on a limited but consitant amount of fast food chains, Algeciras is in the top 15% of cities with the highest inhabitant per fast-food restaurant ratio, with almost 10.000 inhabitants per restaurant chain taken into considerarion.

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