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What backs a successful Facebook campaign?

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With 2 billion Facebook users every month, there are a huge number of users to target for a successful marketing campaign. In a Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy, segmented by country, gender and age, we may miss some additional information beyond demographic factors or fail to conduct a correlation of these data. Firstly, how geomarketing applications can help in enhancing campaign strategy to the maximum level by data correlation?

Facebook has several filters for the business executives willing to increase their brand’s visibility. One can choose the country, the target age bracket, the business type, etc., to project their campaign but, what if you would like to know the accurate area that matches the above requirements? Geomarketing applications allow you to obtain an area you are looking for (area with good demographics, visibility, competitor free, etc) with additional information of great value for the SMM campaign. Knowing in which output area, (smallest area that has 1,000 to 2,000 inhabitants) you can obtain a higher return on investment (ROI) which will allow you to optimize the strategy and its subsequent implementation at operational level.

Let’s simulate a SMM campaign to a female target of 20 to 50 years with a high purchasing power.

Using the Geoblink app, we can search areas with certain functionalities that meet specific requirements through the Search Areas module. In the application, the UK is divided into several output areas giving accurate demographic and economic data. Once we have leveraged our data on the output areas, when analyzing them in detail, we obtain the total market segmented by gender and age, and have access to additional information such as annual average personal income, educational level, election results or consumption segmentation categorised by fashion, food, technology, etc., among other indicators.

In the images we can see the area corresponding to London WC2N 5DU and some socio-demographic details such as census population, disposable income, average age, walking traffic and commercial markets. The population structure denotes that there are 135,940 inhabitants (both male & female) within the selected output area and the number of female inhabitants between 20 and 50 years of age is at 65,180.

London's demographic chart

population structure: London

The image below shows the application’s tendency to spot a segment of an output area that has high census population.

census population of an area in London

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We can thus carry out a facebook campaign by correlating the data on the application with facebook’s available data. In this way, our marketing strategy is backed with solid analysis.

Facebook also allows you to segment campaigns by creating a circular area with a specific radius from a point, just as Geoblink allows you to create areas along the stretch of a street, with a high level of granularity, collecting several socio-demographic (dependency ratio, foreign population, population density, workers, education level, etc) and socio-economic data (unemployment rate, disposable income).

Geoblink has exclusive data for the above indicators that will help you take your expansion and marketing strategies to the highest level.

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