How ITICO F+B found the best locations to invest in half the time


Expanding into foreign markets is oftentimes a major challenge, as many questions arise when it comes to entering internationally. A land and expand-type strategy consists of two elements which are key to success: establishing a strong brand presence quickly and opening in locations that will be sustainable in the long-term. Which then are the prime ingredients needed for profitable openings and long-lasting network growth? The answer will vary depending on the unique situation and type of business. Nevertheless, all expansion plans begin the same way, starting with the selection of the right retail real estate.

Discover how an English Master Franchisee, ITICO F+B, was able to reinforce its international expansion strategy for “The Halal Guys” and “Eggslut” in the UK market using location-based insights to find the best sites at the right price points. Their objective? To open 20 restaurants for each restaurant chain in the next five years.

What you will learn in this case study…

  • How ITICO F+B has helped The Halal Guys and Eggslut successfully break into the UK market.
  • To evaluate market dynamics surrounding a potential location through consumer profiling.
  • Which types of data can help you pinpoint the number of people walking by a potential site.
  • Find other retailers that act as magnets for your target audience and open in those places.
  • To evaluate a site’s potential by identifying which key factors drive sales.

And much more…

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