How Lashes & Go built a successful franchisee management model


With a recent entry into the US and a network of stores in major cities in France and Spain, Lashes & Go have ambitious expansion plans in the pipeline. The exclusive beauty aesthetics salon franchise that specialises in eyelash extensions is building on its already established portfolio of 27 stores. However, successful expansion also comes with its unique challenges. David Bugallo, Lashes & Go’s Co-founder and Expansion Director says the company is trying to build an effective and reliable process to manage new franchise agreements. He wants to make sure that the foundations are not only strong for a successful opening but also promotes sustainable growth of their network over time.

Understanding the shopping mission of the customer is also pivotal to their expansion strategy—whether that be buying for convenience or for comparison, as well as other relevant factors to ensure both the survival and profitability of each franchised establishment.

After partnering with Geoblink, Lashes & Go were able to overcome these challenges and build a franchisee management model based on two main pillars: strategic location selection and sales cannibalistion prevention amongst franchisees.

What you will learn in this case study…

  • Three use cases that Lashes & Go adopted to build their franchise empire
  • How they reduced time and removed the guesswork when analysing new locations for franchisees
  • How Lashes & Go profiled their customers with by using demographic and internal spending data to promote the right services in the right locations

And much more…

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