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David Abrahams - Director of Franchises at Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness: a franchise in shape thanks to Location Intelligence

We have been able to really accelerate those expansion plans by uncovering and exploiting new opportunities

Iván Labora - Manager of Real Estate Expansion

Expanding the gourmet burger business

The objective is always to get the best available local options adapted to the pre-established characteristics

They already trust us!

Recognised as the leading application in Location Intelligence, hundreds of companies from different sectors already rely on Geoblink.

Javier Saiz - Head of Business and Consumer Insight

Better ingredients for a better location

Thanks to Geoblink Papa John’s has saved 2 to 4 days in making strategic business decisions

Iñaki Espinosa - CEO of Sqrups!

Sqrups!, from 50 to 100 stores in 12 months

The company decided to incorporate a tool that literally "allowed them to fly in its expansion process"