Anytime Fitness: a franchise in shape thanks to Geoblink

We have been able to really accelerate those expansion plans by uncovering and exploiting new opportunities

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David Abrahams - Director of Franchises at Anytime Fitness

About Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is an American gym franchise co-founded in 2002 by Dave Mortensen and Chuck Runyon. Its commercial concept is based on proximity rooms, small, without overpopulation and a neat design. Equipped with the latest technologies, the rooms are accessible 24 hours a day every day of the year. Gymnasiums for people "on foot" and at affordable prices.

This model has propelled the company to a global status. It has the strongest growth in history with more than 3,800 sports halls in more than 30 countries, including Spain, where the franchise has dominated the market for three years, in terms of the number of openings.


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“The only thing I do not like about Geoblink is that my competitors and my rivals can get the same tool and I can lose my competitive edge.”


If Anytime Fitness is a successful company, with a demanding expansion strategy, it has faced many challenges to become the fastest growing franchise in the world.

First, the company is obsessed with knowledge of its business environment. Listening to their clients, they study their real needs: to perfectly meet the expectations of gym users. Therefore, knowing the specificities of one's target in different geographical areas is essential in this decision-making process.

Another advantage of the Rental Intelligence for Anytime Fitness is the ability to delimit more precisely the exclusive areas of its franchisees; the company is committed to preserving the areas of influence of each franchise. This increased accuracy also helps to improve the geographic location of the various clubs.

Finally, the possibility of knowing the demographic characteristics of the areas with the best performing clubs allows the franchise to reuse its information when searching for premises for new locations.


The data and analytic power of Geoblink allowed Anytime Fitness to understand the expectations of its customers in previously unknown markets. Geoblink has also enabled the company to engage potential investors or franchisees through location strategy studies based on objective, real-time data.

Thanks to Geoblink, the company was able to determine the most important elements of its strategy to adapt, while retaining its main characteristics: location close to homes or workplaces, in middle-income areas, etc.

The company has found the perfect tool to complement its strong and comprehensive support of franchisees. It is now able to provide more comprehensive analysis to current franchisees who want to continue their expansion into the Anytime Fitness family. But it is also able to attract new franchisees who see real expansion in the expansion department, with in-depth knowledge of the market based on objective data and numbers, greatly reducing uncertainty.

More specifically, thanks to the Geoblink tool, the American franchise has doubled the number of clubs in Madrid in just a few months, and plans to end the year with 10 operational gyms.

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