Anytime Fitness: ein Franchise-Unternehmen in Form dank Geoblink

Wir waren in der Lage, unsere Expansionspläne zu beschleunigen, indem wir neue Expansionsmöglichkeiten entdeckten und nutzten

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David Abrahams - Director of Franchises at Anytime Fitness

Über Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness ist ein amerikanisches Fitnessstudio-Franchiseunternehmen, das 2002 von Dave Mortensen und Chuck Runyon mitbegründet wurde. Das Anytime-Fitness-Konzept basiert darauf, den Menschen, die in der Nähe wohnen oder arbeiten, eine warme, freundliche Trainingsumgebung und einen 24/7-Zugang zum Fitnessstudio zu erschwinglichen Preisen zu bieten .

Diese Kernwerte haben den Erfolg dieses Geschäftsmodells vorangetrieben und Anytime Fitness zum am schnellsten wachsenden Franchise-Unternehmen der Welt gemacht. Das Unternehmen verfügt heute über mehr als 3.800 Fitnessstudios in über 30 Ländern mit einer starken Präsenz in den großen europäischen Städten. Das Ziel des Franchise-Unternehmens war es, Marktanteile in der Metropole Madrid zu gewinnen. Anytime Fitness bezifferte dieses Ziel und hatte sich zum Ziel gesetzt, bis Ende 2018 zehn neue Fitnessstudios in der spanischen Hauptstadt zu eröffnen.


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“Geoblink ist für uns ein sehr praktisches Werkzeug. Es hat eine unverzichtbare Rolle bei der Unterstützung unserer Franchisenehmer gespielt, sowohl der neuen als auch der alten. Geoblink ermöglicht es uns, Standorte effizient zu identifizieren, indem wir sofort Gebiete mit der höchsten Konzentration von Menschen aus unserer Zielgruppe finden”


One of the core principles that has contributed to Anytime Fitness’ success revolves around customer loyalty. The franchise’s marketing team spends a great deal of time developing digital content initiatives used to unite their customers around a series of shared values. These values are what keep customers coming back to the gym to achieve their fitness goals, where they have found a sense of community with fellow members and employees. To create that communal feeling amongst Anytime Fitness customers in Spain, the franchise first needed to take a step back and analyse the behaviour, cultural norms and habits of the Spanish population. Only then, could Anytime Fitness develop a successful customer loyalty strategy that truly resonated with the Spanish people, meeting their expectations in a geographically relevant way.

However, connecting with customers is only one part of Anytime Fitness’ dynamic expansion plans. The franchisees fall on the other side of the spectrum, and their investment in the project is crucial to the retail network’s growth. Anytime Fitness wanted to provide their franchisee counterparts with more than just the gym infrastructure and marketing materials to make their businesses profitable. They wanted to attract them and win their investment by using compelling data to help them find the best locations possible to open their Anytime Fitness centres.


The data and analytic power of Geoblink allowed Anytime Fitness to understand the expectations of its customers in previously unknown markets. Geoblink has also enabled the company to engage potential franchisee investors through location strategy studies based on objective, real-time data.

Geoblink’s Location Intelligence platform has allowed Anytime Fitness to tap into the power of data-driven market research, helping the franchisor to determine what drives consumer behaviour in the Spanish capital. Geoblink has helped the franchisor to obtain a much clearer image of the opportunities they can offer to new and existing franchisee partners by understanding how location affects the performance of their gyms in different areas.

Using Geoblink, Anytime Fitness is able to instantly map out catchment areas that are 10-12 minutes walking distance from a potential customer’s home or just 5 minutes from work. Anytime Fitness looks for locations that meet their gyms’ success criteria, consisting of high density residential or working population territories of around 30,000 inhabitants with low unemployment rates. In turn, the franchisor shares this valuable information with franchisee investors and relies on Geoblink to easily find new locations that maintain those very characteristics.

Anytime Fitness offers a 360º support system to franchisee investors, and part of that support involves minimising opening times and choosing the right territories. The franchisor uses Geoblink to perform live demos in front of the franchisee when evaluating a new site. This in-depth and instantaneous market research has been a unique selling point in favour of the franchise when it comes to getting franchisees onboard.

In the words of David Abrahams, Franchise Director of Anytime Fitness, Geoblink has helped him to “bring the whole project to life” and support the story with powerful data insights. The only thing that worries David now is that his competitors will also buy the tool, causing him to lose his competitive advantage.

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