Danone: "We will be able to grow by 15% in our push channel"

Taking the product to where potential customers are with Location Intelligence

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Lucas Martínez - Customer Developer Manager Proximity

About Danone Group

Danone is a French multinational food-product corporation focused on four major product verticals: fresh dairy products, early life nutrition, water and medical nutrition. Its main mission is to provide healthy alimentation to large masses of people across the world.

Danone was founded in 1929 in Barcelona by Isaac Carasso and is present in 120 markets on the five continents. Danone Waters, a Geoblink customer, contributes to more than 20% of the group's total sales.


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“Geoblink has allowed us to draw strategic lines between each point-of-sale. It’s extremely useful to study the levels of pedestrian traffic for each POS area and to optimise our distribution routes”


The Trade Marketing team's main responsibilities are to perform the strategic mapping for distribution and manage product launches for both new and existing products within its portfolio — they must know where to locate the products, how to locate them and when to distribute them at all times.

The Trade Marketing team needed a solution to guide their push strategy, allowing them to analyse the points-of-sale (POS) according to location as well as obtain a deeper understanding of the pedestrian traffic passing through those POS areas.



"The project came to life stemming from the need to be able to map out the points-of-sale areas for the company” – Lucas Martínez.

Geoblink’s platform has allowed Danone Waters to kickstart this project by positioning the products within the portfolio according to key pedestrian demographics and traffic.

Danone uses Geoblink to perform the following key operations:

  • - Draw clear and strategic lines for each point-of-sale area
  • - Optimise both the distribution and commercialisation routes
  • - Determine which products to place in certain establishments
  • - Define the typology of potential customers within their target market that pass by their various points-of-sale locations
  • - Properly geolocalise and clearly visualise all points-of-sale areas on a map and be able to analyse each one

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