Granier: artisan recipes, golden crust and location analytics

Every time we think about opening a new franchise, our expansion manager must bring Geoblink's report now.

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Andreu Beltran - Marketing Communication Manager

About Granier

Founded in 2010 by Juan Pedro Conde, Granier is a high-quality bakery chain with more than 350 establishments. It has franchises spread majorly across the Spanish territory and a few noteworthy commencements in Lisbon, Rome, London, and Miami.

Granier is home to more than 65 specialities of artisan bread with pastry and  coffee services. Although bread is the flagship product, it only represents 30% of the total income. The bakeries receive 150,000 customers per day attracted to the artisan delicacies.


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“Every time we think about opening a new franchise, our expansion manager must bring Geoblink's report now.”


The primary challenge for the bakery chain is detected in the commercial department, where the professionals lacked a proper data report to convince the potential franchisees. The analysis of the locations was incessantly conducted not based on hard data, but on intuitions, past experience and mere area knowledge. This, however, was not sufficient to convince the potential franchisees who further use that data during feasibility studies conducted by banks.

The second challenge that poses Granier is finding the similar areas. Based on previous success criteria, they look for locations with pre-established factors such as population (20,000), property area (between 60 and 100 m2) and high pedestrian traffic metrics.

Also, the bakery chain was particular in choosing exclusivity areas. On one hand, the specification is no presence of two Granier stores within a 400m radius from the existing store. On the other hand, only a limited number of stores in the selected province. 


Geoblink, a Location Intelligence solution, helps franchises with expansion strategies and optimisation of the existing network. It provides advanced analytics functionalities and geolocated data (such as sociodemographic, socioeconomic and pedestrian traffic volume) consolidated in a user-friendly interface.

Granier particularly integrated the following functionalities offered by Geoblink:

- Sales enablement: to help the commercial promoters monitor the existing store network in Granier’s 4 geographical zones and generate concise PDF reports with location data about new potential locations.

- Exclusivity areas: to choose an exclusivity area (no presence of another store in the same province or within a 400m radius) to offer differential service to the customers.   

- Similar areas: boiling down a list of properties with an area between 60 and 150m2 according to the pre-established factors such as high population and pedestrian traffic metrics using the integration of Idealista API.

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