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Have a deeper understanding of your market and stay one step ahead of competitors by enriching your internal data with Geoblink’s external data sources, centralising and visualising information with one tool.

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Enrich your data, enhance your insight

How many competitors are located within the area? How many customers are within 2km of my establishment? Where is an area dominated by fashion stores? What is my customer penetration rate?

Identify your customers

Geoblink provides an abundance of demographic data, however integrating this with specific data regarding your customers provides a much more accurate analysis.

Combining this with information from our database, provides you with exclusive and invaluable insights that you could use to avoid sales cannibalisation between your stores or targeting your geomarketing campaigns better, among many other options.

Manage POS performance

Import your point of sale locations into the Geoblink platform, and easily visualise in a map, areas of concentration or those places where your brand is not present yet.

Combining this with external data, you can see the potential of target areas and the factors which could be impacting your current network’s performance.

Enrich your business data

Understand your business drivers by combining your internal variables, like points of sale, customers and layers data, with external variables such as economic and demographic data, in order to have a more detailed understanding of the surrounding environment.

For example, you can compare your product price against the disposable income of the area to identify the factors which are impacting your performance.

Create your own layers

Add your own data layers, from previous analysis or from external market researches, to help quickly analyse areas according to your business requirements. This gives you a visual description of what is happening in the surrounding environment according to variables which relate to your business.

The integration of your business data and Geoblink’s allows you to have a unique perspective on the market, boosting your competitive advantage.

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All the information you need in a single tool

Geoblink has a wide, precise and exclusive database thanks to strategic alliances with banks and tele-operators.

All this data is analysed and filtered to obtain the most granular level possible, in many cases, reaching census level or street section.


Get information about age, gender, nationality, floating population, marital status, educational level, electoral result, tourists and their historical evolution.



Disposable income, unemployment, dependency rate, total and average family expenditure, depending on the types of expenditure.



Where, when and what my target audience spends. Know the number of receipts, average receipts, the expense category, in addition to age, gender and nationality.


Live data

Data from tele-operators that provides us with information about population flows such as: where my clients live, work or spend their weekend.



Information on commercial markers (competitors, market attractors and detractors), penetration rate and geographical distribution.


Pedestrian and road traffic

Get the volume of traffic, both pedestrian and road, more accurate for your market. Analyse its evolution for times of the day and origins of traffic.


We have streamlined decision-making at all levels, improving the analysis and the quality of results presented to the Investment Committee.

Javier Saiz - Head of Business and Consumer Insight