Danone BI: Gaining more strategic insights with Location Intelligence

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Daniel Izquierdo - Business Intelligence Analyst

About Danone Group

Danone is a global agribusiness corporation present in more than 130 countries. Founded in 1919 in Barcelona, the company's mission is to promote health and nutrition around the world.

Danone Waters is one of the group's four main product categories alongside medical nutrition, dairy products and baby food. This particular brand is responsible for 20% of the entire company's 22 billion dollar turnover and relies on Geoblink to help make their hydration products accessible to people everywhere.


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“Geoblink helps us to know which points-of-sales areas have the highest concentrations so we can continue devoting resources to those areas.”

The challenge

The Business Intelligence team forms part of the sales department and supports both the internal and outsourced sales teams within the company. This team’s main goal is to consistently extract reliable, useful and objective information to improve decision-making processes at both the operational and strategic levels.

Danone Waters’ Business Intelligence team was endlessly swimming in multitudes of datasets coming from a variety of different sources: data providers, points of sale systems, internal sales records and more. The need for a consolidated database with a standardised system that was accessible by all members of the team was becoming increasingly more apparent.


Incorporating Geoblink's technological capabilities into the Business Intelligence team’s daily workflow has brought forth many benefits in terms of quality data analysis, clarity and accessibility.

Danone Waters uses Geoblink to perform different geospatial analyses, but primarily to uncover the points-of-sales areas with high concentration levels to manage both product and labor resources more efficiently.

They capitalise on Geoblink’s platform functionalities in the following ways:

  • - Centralise and compile data sources within a single and easy-to-use platform
  • - Provide clear and valuable information that’s accessible to all team members
  • - Save time and reduce the costs of needing to outsource information
  • - Represent geopositioning data in a visual and coherent format

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