Expanding the gourmet burger business

The objective is always to get the best available local options adapted to the pre-established characteristics

Iván Labora - Manager of Real Estate Expansion

About Goiko Grill

Goiko Grill was founded by Andoni Goicoechea, a young Venezuelan of Basque descent, in Madrid, 2013. Andoni had arrived in Madrid earlier that year to work as a resident doctor, but a change of plans led him to open, with the help of close relatives, his first gourmet hamburger restaurant.

Four years later and Goiko Grill has 25 restaurants all over Spain, including cities such as Zaragoza, Seville and Valencia.
The company’s goal for 2017 is to close the year with 26 establishments and a turnover of 21,000,000 EUR.


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“The information provided by Geoblink is brutal. We managed to get real numbers of an option which otherwise were based only on visits and intuition.”


Although this chain of restaurants always had, and has, a clear idea of its ideal customer, ignorance of the area within the expansion plan could negatively influence the development of the business.

The main challenge and goal for Goiko Grill is to find the ideal location for its restaurants. This must be adapted to the established parameters by the Expansion Director. For an area to be considered a suitable place to open a restaurant, it is necessary to know, among other factors, the characteristics of the population in the evaluated area - especially the combined data of the population and the age.

For Goiko Grill, building up customer loyalty among the people who know the brand and the location (regardless of whether it is on the main street or not), is essential. For this, they focus on the resident and the working population of the expansion area.
Another challenge that Goiko Grill had was to base its expansion plan on accurate and objective information that would guide the decision of new commencements in a specific area or decide among several available options. When assessing different commercial premises for an expansion, they need influential areas with a high level of granularity. Geoblink provided them with accurate information to analyse further.


Geoblink’s analytical capabilities, coupled with more than a billion pre-loaded data with visualisation layers, allow Goiko Grill to improve and optimise its growth and expansion plan.

For example, having a defined target audience, this restaurant chain can use Geoblink application to visualise the areas that best fit their pre-established parameters to make decisions based on informed and objective data.

The ability to find the best locations in an easier and functional way, has helped Goiko Grill to improve the time-to-market of store openings, significantly increasing the Return on Investments (ROI).

  • Goiko Grill reduces risk or uncertainty when opening a restaurant based on real numbers
  • Goiko Grill is able to fulfill its expansion plan efficiently, reducing the time-to-market and therefore accelerating the Return on Investment

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