Infrastructure Engineer

Location: Madrid

Position: Permanent

Geoblink is looking for a Infrastructure Engineer with a passion for operative systems, cloud and security. You would be part of a 2-people team in charge of supporting system administration of our cloud engineering infrastructure and the build, release and test systems associated with engineering processes. This entails a wide range of actions (welcome to a startup!) from correctly configuring the different pieces that Geoblink is build upon, to monitoring our systems to make sure everything is running as expected to researching new infrastructure technologies that can help us get bigger and faster.


Geoblink is a VC-backed tech startup that revolutionizes the way businesses think about – and act upon – location intelligence. We’re on a path towards hyper growth. We’re looking for world-class talent to fuel our ambitious international expansion plans. Someone who can help us “figure things out” and do them at the same time. We can offer a unique opportunity to be part of an amazing team. We’re a smart, fun, and hard-working bunch, and we’re super proud to have attracted top-notch talent from places like McKinsey, Chicago Booth, Harvard, MIT, CERN, Dropbox, EA Games, and so on.
At Geoblink we use some of the latest technologies to find solutions to some very hard problems We leverage Big Data to create a beautiful map-based user interface that provides a rich user experience. We have fun solving interesting challenges! Our systems are built using an SOA approach that allows us to perform multiple deployments per day. We <3 monitoring, pull requests, continuous deployment and automated testing. The trunk of our stack is PostgreSQL, Node.js and Angular, but our architecture is language-agnostic. We move fast but put a lot of thought into the design of our architecture so that it's simple and scalable. We write clean, flexible code to produce great software that solves the needs of our clients.


  • Computer Science or similar graduate or under-graduate.
  • A passion for Unix/Linux and some experience using Ubuntu/Debian and MacOS.
  • Ability and passion to learn, research and test new technologies.
  • Clear written and verbal communication skills.
  • Extra kudos if you have some experience with programming in scripting languages like Python, Bash, Perl, etc.
  • Even more kudos if you have some understanding of protocols/technologies like HTTP, SSL, SSH, DNS, IPSEC/VPNs, Nginx, Apache2, HAProxy, Jenkins, etc.

You are:

  • A curious person, love learning and learn quickly.
  • Have a passion for Operative Systems, Cloud and Security.
  • Able to explain what you did during the weekend in English.
  • Pessimistic in that you are concerned about worst-case scenario for any situation (this feeling that pushes you to have backups of everything).
  • Don’t mind working in a extremely busy startup because you are learning a ton of things, are having fun while working with smart people in an non-ego environment and are building something that has a big impact.

You will:

  • Learn to work with standard DevOps, SysAdmin and Monitoring Tools.
  • Develop automation scripts, plugins and apps to monitor the availability and security of our platform.
  • Assist in application deployments, testing and building new automation systems.
  • Contribute to the creation of system support documents, and Ops processes.
  • Learn on the job and explore new technologies with little supervision.
  • Manage/maintain all software used by machines in our office.
  • Support the Geoblink team and cloud computers, servers, technical devices and network so that everyone can make their job effectively.
  • Contribute to the maintenance of version management systems, builds systems, release installation systems and test systems associated with engineering processes.
  • Contribute to the implementation and support of development infrastructures and software tools.

Why Geoblink:

  • Incredibly steep development curve.
  • Learning from and working with some of the best
  • Unparalleled fast track career opportunities.
  • Vibrant, fun, and international environment.
  • Many perks, like team event and sports activities.

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