Location Intelligence, an efficacious business mastery for The United Kingdom

“Where you stand, defines your success quotient” According to the article published on OECD Better Life Index website, The United Kingdom, set amid the paradoxical Brexit, has an oasis for the businesses to dive into and succeed. Although few elements might seem golden to investors and business operators, few factors hold the barons back before grounding […]

How Location Intelligence helps you reach your targeted customers?

  Reach customers : know them and adapt to them. The first goal of a retailer is to reach customers. Managing to reach many customers, allows generate sales revenue but above all, in the long term, develop customer loyalty.  In fact, this goal is essential because it is the basis of a win-win relationship between […]

Do you plan an expansion? Here are 5 guidelines wherein Location Intelligence can help you.

An expansion is a source for many questions: where to open the new point of sales? who will be interested in it? who lives nearby? what are their needs? Are there too many competitors in this area? what kind of environment is needed for the performance of my business? Even if the quoted questions seem broad […]

How to win over franchisees with Location Intelligence ?

Being a franchisor: an exciting journey… but also a huge challenge Today, being a franchisor is an amazing adventure! This is assuming you have an entrepreneurial spirit to manage and lead a brand and its expansion on a specific market. Being a franchisor it’s also being your own boss and having the freedom to settle […]

How knowing your customers can improve sales and marketing

Knowing your customers, what for? Nowadays, when ordering your products’ stock or preparing your new point of sale shop window, you are of course thinking about doing what will suit your customers the best. Then the objective is to offer products tailored to their needs and wishes, adapting also your store to its environment (competitors […]

Retail portfolio management: pains and solutions

As a Retail Manager, you were used to deal with all the aspects of a store management, from the supply to the merchandising, from the internal team management to the stores performance analysis, etc. Now you are mostly in charge of a store portfolio management. This article does not pretend to focus on all the […]

How to design the expansion strategy of a franchise with Location Intelligence

3 common difficulties for franchises and how Location Intelligence can help you solve them (2/4) In the first part of the franchises series we talked about what were some of the typical problems of franchising when it comes to growing and scaling. One of them is to design the expansion strategy and decide, both at […]

Expansion manager’s main pains and how to solve them

Being an expansion manager is an exciting journey, full of new discoveries, sometimes surprisingly positive and other times quite deceptioning. Your goal constitutes in finding the perfect location so that the business you are in charge of, turns as performing as possible. Many hours in the field are then necessary to find this perfect place […]

Introduction to 3 common difficulties for franchises and possible solutions

3 common difficulties for franchises, and how Location Intelligence can help you solve them (1/4) The franchise model is designed to be scalable. Its expansion is based in a win-win relationship between the franchisor and the franchisee: with each new opening the franchisor benefits from a higher base of royalties and increased brand awareness. The franchisee is […]

Meet Geoblink in Retail Business Technology Expo RBTE, London

Geoblink is going to attend, as an exhibitor, the biggest technologic fair for retail in Europe, the Retail Business Technology Exposition, known as RBTE. The fair is going to take place in the London Olympia, Hammersmith Road, on the next May, 8th and 9th. With more than 370 exhibitors and an expected affluence of more than 17.000 visitors, […]

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