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Retail Expansion

Expand your retail network by understanding in seconds the profile of any area of the country and finding the locations more similar to your most successful stores

Retail expansion

Uses cases:

  • Identify which factors drive sales for the most successful locations in your network.
  • Analyse in seconds the potential of each area by knowing the population profile, footfall, spending, competitors or attractors.
  • Save analysis time by comparing different areas at the same time.


Brands who have adapted to the new retail with Geoblink

This plan includes

  • User friendly web-based app that is ready to use without the need of any configuration, or data integration.
  • Geoblink insights has all you need to expand your retail network by understanding in seconds the profile of any area of the country through a ready to use platform with a seamless experience.
  • Population profiling – socio-demographic and socio-economic profiling data.
  • Points of interest database including a list with more than a million points of interest in the UK. Covering retail stores, shopping centres, convenience stores, petrol stations, and more.
  • Footfall and road traffic indicators for all sections of street and road in the UK, including trends, time and frequency of visits.
  • Standard support channels include email, help centre etc.
  • Online on-boarding.
  • Product updates through email and in-app notifications.

Extend your plan with the most powerful retail/consumer goods intelligence tools

  • Position new sites in high-potential locations by understanding the consumer profiles found in different catchment areas to reduce the financial risk of opening in a subpar location.
  • Mosaic pulls together more than 2000 variables to paint a unique picture of UK consumers based on their demographic characteristics, lifestyles and behaviour.
  • Expand in areas where consumers purchasing is present in the category.
  • Monitor how consumer spending behaviour changes for different products categories and locations over time.
  • Evaluate spending trends by category, analysing the number of transactions, average spend and more.
  • We include a technical kick-start to get you started with support in uploading data.
  • You will have an assigned dedicated Customer Success Manager who will provide in person on-boarding experience.
  • Monthly business review.
  • Consulting and workshop options available.


Reviews from our clients

María Martínez Valdivieso

Property Management Coordinator Knight Frank

Very useful application that allows you too have a clear vision of the environment and area of ​​influence helping you in decision making. Excellent company service and continuous support.

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Esther Del Amo Lazaro

Expansion & Real Estate Development Manager DIA

Very agile application, allowing you to obtain useful information for decision making and location analysis. Very good technical support and immediate response in additional questions regarding the tool.

Look at the review in

Fernando Martin Garcia

Sales Strategy Manager MasMovil

Innovative tool available to the user, through an intuitive and simple interface. Providing the necessary information to understand the environments of each of the locations in the retail sector. Perfect partner to maximise the level of success.

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