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Geoblink, the Location Management Platform specialised in Retail, Real Estate and FMCG

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Essential data

Geoblink gives you instant access to all kinds of exclusive data sources to improve your decision-making process

Public data

Know all the sociodemographic (age, gender, marital status), economic (income, unemployment, dependency ratio), and terrain (types of housing, population density) information to get more out of your market studies

Private data

Access an exclusive database thanks to collaborations with telecommunications companies, banks and GPS providers. E.g. pedestrian traffic, transactions, population movements, etc

Your data

Easily integrate the internal data of your business such as income, locations and sales, and enrich it with Geoblink's data

Geospatial Analysis

With this large amount of data, Geoblink treats and processes this information in order to make it accessible to all types of users. How do we do it?

Data Bundling & Crossing

We break down, standardise and cross the data to get the most out of the information through advanced analyses

Machine Learning

We apply machine learning techniques to enhance and accelerate the processing of all this information and make it accessible to our users

Data Analysts

We have a team of experienced data scientists who work to optimise your information so you can easily access it

Geoblink, truly intelligent

Data and analysis in a single solution. Any person within an organisation can visualise and share their decisions

Fast and easy

Do in minutes what used to take weeks to do


Visual and intuitive

You can access all this information through a map, in a visual and intuitive way


Accurate and accessible

You do not need any technical skills to perform advanced market analyses and studies


Geoblink's Features

Discover some of the features that our Location Intelligence software can offer you

Catchment areas

Understand what is behind a specific area. Simulate the impact of an opening or closure on your network

New or similar areas

Find areas that adjust to a desired set of external variables or with similar variables to a referenced location

Customer insights

Import your customer's data to understand their buying behaviours and sociodemographic profiles

Alerts on events

Detect the events that will occur in the environment of your location and optimise your marketing, distribution

Sales forecast

Conduct an in-depth analysis of a potential new location based on both internal and external characteristics

Territory management

Improve the efficiency of your point of sale network management ordering them by internal or external factors

Consumer flows

Visualise the origin and the destination of the consumer to understand their spending routine


Avoid cannibalisation between your stores by simulating the impact of an opening

Available properties

Find out the availability of rent or purchase of properties within your influence area

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