Geoblink 360

Monitor and optimise point of sale performance by dynamically understanding how your customers behave.

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Get 360 vision of your locations

See what happens inside and outside your points of sale on a single platform.

  • Monitor sales, visits and other KPIs that are important to your business
  • Understand how footfall traffic evolves around your points of sale and those of your competitors.
  • Get alerted when there are changes in footfall and competition around your points of sale to adapt your strategy accordingly.

Maximise your networks’ performance

Identify key customer profiles and understand the market conditions surrounding each point of sale.

  • Increase your sales by discovering the growth potential of your stores according to their location, their consumers and the competition in the area.
  • Boost the revenue of each point by adjusting operating hours and personnel according to consumption patterns.
  • Generate a greater impact from your price promotions or product activation campaigns by adapting them location by location.

Distribute your products efficiently

Manage your territories effectively by categorising your points of sale according to the factors that drive their performance.

  • Find out which points of sale to activate your campaigns depending on the type of customer that visits the area.
  • Successfully launch new products in stores where the socio demographic profiles of consumers matches that of your target customers.
  • Redraw delivery routes and adjust operating hours in a way that makes sense for each location to maximise resources.

A 360 vision of your network on a single platform

Monitor and optimise your network by accessing our dynamic data and our advanced analytics models through an intuitive and simple to use web interface.

Working with Geoblink brings us great joy. By combining their mathematical models with our know-how, we've been able to organise a chaotic network in just three months. It's unbelievable, we had been trying to solve this problem for 70 years

danoneFavio Zarbano - Channel Development Manager

Some of the companies we work with

danone pepsico redbull kfc

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