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People flows over time Analyse how people move within an area, discovering where they come from and where they go.

Behaviour and profiles Profile your customers and study their actions, taking their occupation, gender, age and movements into account.

Trends and evolution over time Obtain historical data that shows the different factors that have influenced the evolution of an area over time.

Telco Data and Location Intelligence

Orange’s data shows the population flows of millions of mobile users that span a wide demographic which make it the ideal representative sample. With Geoblink’s LiveData feature, you can instantly determine the origins and destinations of your potential customers, launch tailored geomarketing campaigns and identify the most strategic locations for your business.

Understand your customers and environment Know the profiles of the people who visit your establishments for distinct periods of time: gender, age, nationality and the reason for being there. Determine if they are residents, professionals, visitors or passersby.

Use case: Get to know the characteristics of people who visit your business on specific dates of the year or certain times of day by gender, nationality, etc.
Find new locations with potential customers Find areas with new customers that match the characteristics of your target market. Identify the profiles of your existing clients from a previous analysis and locate new areas with the same success criteria.

Use case: You know that a large portion of visitors who come to your establishment are Japanese. You identify new areas within a 10 KM radius of your business where there are high concentrations of Japanese residents.
Measure and optimise your marketing actions Design personalised marketing campaigns that resonate with the different profiles of the people in your target market, from offline actions to digital tactics.

Use case: After analysing the number of 55 year olds that visit your business in the mornings, you download a list of streets with high concentrations of people who fit this profile. You develop a multifaceted campaign that consists of mailing content to residents located in those areas and putting up signage to attract workers who will walk by them on their way home.

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