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I have received a discount code…

Congratulations! If you have received a discount code from one of our customers it means that you have a 10% discount on your Standard annual Geoblink license.

Geoblink is a Location Intelligence platform which allows companies, especially those in the retail, FMCG and real estate sector, to make the best decisions based on objective, geolocalised data and the most advanced analytics.

Our clients are able to increase the ROI of their establishments and new product launches with the use of Geoblink, so they often recommend our Location Intelligence tool to others.

Request a free demonstration now by filling in the form on this page including the discount code and we will give you a 10% discount when you purchase an annual Standard license.

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  • My company has received different codes from different people. Are the discounts cumulative? No, only one code can be used for the purchase of each license.
  • Is the discount code applicable if my license is less than one year? No, the discount is only applicable to the Standard annual license.
  • When will the discount come into effect? Our sales team will send you an offer which includes the 10% discount.
  • I was already talking to Geoblink when I received this discount code. Can the 10% still be applied? Yes, as long as our sales team have not yet sent an offer.
  • Is the discount valid on Geoblink reports? The program is only effective for those who purchase a Standard Geoblink license for at least one year. It does not apply to contracts of less than one year or the purchase of individual reports.

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