Referral Program

Start recommending Geoblink to your friends and get up to £8,000!

I’m a Geoblink customer and I want to recommend someone…

From now on, Geoblink customers will receive a discount every time they refer someone.

Recommend Geoblink to your friends and once they start using the tool you can upgrade your plan at a discount. The more friends you recommend, the more discounts you will get!

  • Recommend one friend and get £2,000
  • Recommend two to four friends and get £4,000
  • Recommend five or more friends and get £8,000

You will have access to your discounts once the recommended person starts using Geoblink, providing that no more than 3 months have passed since the date of recommendation.

Whoever you recommend will receive a 10% discount on the Essential Geoblink license.

How do I recommend someone?

To be able to recommend someone you have two options:

Have a question about our referral program? Feel free to contact us at




  • How many people can I recommend? As many as you would like.
  • What happens if the person I recommend doesn’t end up purchasing a Geoblink license? Unfortunately, you will not be able to use the discounts, but you will still receive the Geoblink kit.
  • When can I start to use the discount? Once the contract has been signed with the person you have recommended, we will contact you with the discount information.
  • Can I recommend another department in my company? Of course! As long as the department buys a Geoblink license.
  • What if I recommend someone who is already in negotiations with Geoblink? You will get the discount as long as no formal proposal has been sent in writing to the client.
  • What happens if the person I recommend buys a Geoblink Report? The program is only effective for those who purchase an Essential Geoblink license for at least one year. It does not apply to contracts of less than one year or the purchase of individual reports.
  • Can I use this discount on previously purchased plans? No, it is only applicable to the purchase of new plans.