Market Research Tool: Discover everything about a specific area

Catchment area reports tailored to your business

Strategic catchment area analyses allow you to explore unique market contexts and obtain relevant insights about a specific location whether it be by counties, district, distance walking or even driving.

Gain access to exclusive data such as…

  • Demographic data: age, gender, floating population, tourists, foreign population, marital status, educational level, etc.
  • Socioeconomic data: disposable income, unemployment, dependency ratio, average household expenditure by category and more
  • Land use: number of houses, type of household, average inhabitants per household, population density, etc.
  • Footfall or driving traffic: the levels of foot traffic or driving traffic segmented by certain times of day
  • Consumption data: number of receipts, average receipt price, purchase patterns, expense distribution by gender, age, product category, etc.

Would you like to know what this report will look like? Here is an example of a catchment area of a 10-minute walking radius from Piccadilly Circus, London.

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