Get a report of the best locations

With the reports of ‘Searches of locations’ you can get a list of the variables that best meet your search criteria. For this, it is only necessary to specify the 3 key variables for your business and you will receive a PDF report with the 10 best locations.

You can choose between:
– Demographic data: age, gender, floating population, tourists, foreign population, marital status, educational level, etc.
– Socio-economic data: disposable income, unemployment, dependency rate, average household expenditure by categories.
– Land uses: number of houses, type of household, average inhabitants per household, population density.
– Pedestrian traffic (footfall): information on the number of people, both walking and in vehicles.

Do you want to know what you are going to find? Here you have an example of a listing of areas corresponding to areas with a high number of women workers and with a low number of foreign population.

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