Geoblink for Retail

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Drive the expansion, management and optimization of your store network in a few simple steps

Detect the best locations Explore and find the best locations in a matter of seconds and avoid cannibalization between your current and future points of sale

Maximise your current store network Evaluate the performance of your establishments and identify what are the external factors that influence the health of your business

Optimise your geomarketing campaigns Analyze buying trends and behaviors of your consumers to enhance your omnichannel campaigns

Designed to improve retail

A tool designed to solve the strategic problems of the retail sector, from start to finish

Visualise and analyse your customers Know the behavior and distribution of your customers and their frequency of visit. Discover the origin and destination of your consumers, and enrich your knowledge with data from the environment
Identify your ideal location Based on your success factors, discard erroneous locations easily and find the perfect place for your next opening. All this based on socio-demographic, socio-economic, traffic, transaction data, etc
Forecast your sales Geoblink allows you to recognise the variables that are relevant to the income in each establishment, and to develop a sales forecast model for your new stores

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A single solution, several teams

Geoblink is designed to support and validate the strategic decisions of the retail sector, from the expansion plans to the mail campaigns

Expansion Directors Save time and money in your expansion strategy, reinforce your plan with objective and accurate data and look for similar areas to those that work best

CEO Maximise the profitability of stores by determining success factors, avoiding cannibalization and identifying gaps in the market

Marketing managers From market research to mail campaigns, marketing managers of many companies already use Geoblink to better target their campaigns

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