A solution to support expansion managers in the development and management of their point of sales network.


A series of key challenges faced by expansion managers in setting up and implementing a development strategy for their business:

  • Where can I find areas with high growth potential for my company?
  • Where to find the best locations within a specific area?
  • How can I convince my partners and franchisees of a location's potential?
  • How can I reduce the opening time of my new points of sale?
  • How can I avoid the cannibalisation of sales amongst my existing outlets?
  • How can I ensure the return on investment for new openings?


Develop your competitive advantage using Geoblink! Drive the expansion, management and optimisation of your store network in a few simple steps


How can Geoblink help you?

A list of solutions provided by Location Intelligence that optimise the expansion and management of a points of sale network.

Segment and analyse your network Categorise and segment your network by identifying your best-performing and least successful outlets. Prioritise the best actions to put in place (closing, relocating, marketing, etc.).

Understand your key success factors Analyse your network to understand the factors that positively influence the performance of your POS. Travelling is no longer necessary to determine which factors contribute to your success.

Replicate your top-performing stores With previously identified success factors, eliminate low-potential locations quickly, find the best new locations for openings and reduce the risks of your expansion plan.

Access detailed market research Study a specific area in a few minutes, generate a detailed report of the catchment area (population, competition, shopping habits, pedestrian traffic ...) and use this objective data to convince your partners and colleagues.

Increase your business' ROI Apart from your own experience and intuition, make decisions by centralising your internal data (customers, turnover, personnel ...) and combining it with external data (population, competition …) to increase your return on investment.

Avoid cannibalisation of sales Visualise your customers on a map to easily determine the area of influence for each your catchment areas and adjust your expansion plan to not take away market share between locations and increase your network’s turnover.

The only thing I do not like about Geoblink is that my competitors and my rivals can get the same tool and I could lose my competitive edge.

David Abrahams - Director of Franchises at Anytime Fitness

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Other use cases

Geoblink helps solve the challenges of expansion, distribution and marketing teams, with their needs and objectives in mind.

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