Maximise the ROI of your campaigns by designing a targeted marketing strategy, based on the trends of your audience and specific criteria of your business.

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Attract your customers with Geoblink

Where should I launch my next marketing campaign? What time? Where does my target audience live, work and spend their weekends? Which street is the busiest?

Get to know your customers

Know the profile of the people who come to your establishment with information related to:

  • Demographic data: Gender, age, nationality, etc.
  • Economic data: Income, unemployment, dependency rate, etc.
  • Consumption data: Average purchase receipt, category of expenditure, time of day when expenditure is made, etc.
  • Mobility data: where they come from, where they go, where they live or work, etc.

Locate your potential customers

Look for potential customers that meet the success criteria of your establishment.

From the previous analysis, identify the profile of your current customers, discover areas with similar characteristics and where to find them.

Attract new customers to your points of sale

Promote your establishment by designing personalised marketing campaigns knowing when your target audience is in a specific place, on a specific day, within a specific time period.

Make the most of this information to launch marketing campaigns:

  • Offline: flyers, mailing posters, etc
  • Online: Facebook ads, retargeting, etc.


Meet the customers of your competitors

Apply the above analyses to your competitors’ points of sale: know their success criteria and identify who they are and where their regular customers are, to try and attract them to your store.

Monitor the impact of your marketing actions

Measure the results of your marketing actions and campaigns over time, observing the increasing or decreasing trends of each type of customer.

Correct and continually improve your actions to increase ROI.

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All the information you need in a single tool

Geoblink has a wide, precise and exclusive database thanks to strategic alliances with banks and tele-operators.

All this data is analysed and filtered to obtain the most granular level possible, in many cases, reaching census level or street section.


Get information about age, gender, nationality, floating population, marital status, educational level, electoral result, tourists and their historical evolution.



Disposable income, unemployment, dependency rate, total and average family expenditure, depending on the types of expenditure.


Pedestrian and road traffic

Get the volume of traffic, both pedestrian and road, more accurate for your market. Analyse its evolution for times of the day and origins of traffic.



Where, when and what my target audience spends. Know the number of receipts, average receipts, the expense category, in addition to age, gender and nationality.



Data from tele-operators that provides us with information about population flows such as: where my clients live, work or spend their weekend.



Information on commercial markers (competitors, market attractors and detractors), penetration rate and geographical distribution.


My data

Include and centralise all your business information, such as customers or establishments, and enrich it with data from the surrounding environment.


We have streamlined decision-making at all levels, improving the analysis and the quality of results presented to the Investment Committee.

Javier Saiz - Head of Business and Consumer Insight