Marketing Manager

A tool designed to support marketing managers in launching more efficient campaigns


A series of the main challenges faced by marketing managers when launching promotional campaigns and boosting company sales:

  • How can I reduce the time spent doing market research?
  • Where are my target consumers and what are their expectations?
  • How can I improve the experience offered to my clients?
  • What are the best points of contact with my audience?
  • How can I set up effective promotional campaigns?
  • How can I increase the return on investment of my marketing campaigns?


Develop your competitive advantage using Geoblink! Drive the expansion, management and optimisation of your store network in a few simple steps.


How can Geoblink help you?

A list of solutions provided by Location Intelligence to optimise promotional campaigns, enhance brand image and improve customer acquisition.

Access to deep market research Generate detailed reports on key areas in a few minutes and use this data (population, competition, spending habits, foots traffic, etc…) to convince and support your partners or colleagues.

Gain powerful customer insights Access your prospects' and customers’ socioeconomic, demographic, & behavioural data, and adapt your product offering and launch campaigns that resonate with your audience.

Know where clients come from Visualise your customers on a map and analyse the footfall traffic around your points of sale to launch promotional actions or set up street marketing campaigns to attract more customers.

Segment your customers Combine both internal and external data and use it to profile your customers, tailoring marketing messages on different communication channels to maximise the conversion rates of your campaigns.

Launch omnichannel campaigns Improve your omnichannel strategy (display, paid social media, pre-roll ...) with customer segmentation data for precise targeting and increase the return on investment of your campaigns.

Adapt your product to your customers Use the data from your target market studies to personalise your product offering and point of sale promotional campaigns to boost sales and improve the customer experience.

Every time we think about opening a new franchise, our expansion manager must bring Geoblink's report now.

Andreu Beltran - Marketing Communication Manager

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Other use cases

Geoblink helps solve the challenges of expansion, distribution and marketing teams, with their needs and objectives in mind.

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