Instant Sales Forecast

Make sales projections for potential locations in a matter of seconds, thanks to the combination of external environmental data and historical sales data.


Predict the success of your business

How much will I sell if I open a store here? Or here? What factors impact my business? How successful will a particular location be?

Predict the sales of your next opening

Select an area and know its potential instantly.

Get a sales forecasting model tailored to the needs of your business and enjoy it autonomously, without intermediaries.

Know the success factors that impact your sales

Thanks to an exhaustive and personalised study, discover what your market drivers are, that is, those factors that really impact your business and will therefore improve your current and future sales.

Understand your network context

Investigate the five locations in your network which resemble your selected area in terms of sales drivers. This way, you can see which areas are likely to achieve the best results and mark this against your entire network.

Justify your next opening and reduce uncertainty

Get detailed sales forecast reports from different locations, compare them and share this objective and accurate information with superiors.

This way you can drastically reduce the risk of new openings and/or closings.

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All the information you need in a single tool

Geoblink has a wide, precise and exclusive database thanks to strategic alliances with banks and tele-operators.

All this data is analysed and filtered to obtain the most granular level possible, in many cases, reaching census level or street section.


Get information about age, gender, nationality, floating population, marital status, educational level, electoral result, tourists and their historical evolution.



Disposable income, unemployment, dependency rate, total and average family expenditure, depending on the types of expenditure.


Pedestrian and road traffic

Get the volume of traffic, both pedestrian and road, more accurate for your market. Analyse its evolution for times of the day and origins of traffic.



Where, when and what my target audience spends. Know the number of receipts, average receipts, the expense category, in addition to age, gender and nationality.



Data from tele-operators that provides us with information about population flows such as: where my clients live, work or spend their weekend.



Information on commercial markers (competitors, market attractors and detractors), penetration rate and geographical distribution.


My data

Include and centralise all your business information, such as customers or establishments, and enrich it with data from the surrounding environment.


The only thing I do not like about Geoblink is that my competitors and my rivals can get the same tool and I can lose my competitive edge.

David Abrahams - Director of Franchises at Anytime Fitness