Location Intelligence trends for 2019

February 12, 2019

Discover where Location Intelligence is headed in 2019

More professionals are incorporating Location Intelligence into their strategic decision-making due to its deep analysis ability and predictive power.

Gaining a competitive advantage is a difficult task in the fiercely competitive business world, however this can be made easy with Location Intelligence. Rafa Pulido, our Vice President of Product, will discuss how this innovative technology is leading the way for the future and how this has helped companies so far.

In this webinar, you will learn…

  • What is Location Intelligence
  • How does it work
  • How Location Intelligence helps companies today
  • How Location Intelligence is shaping the future of business

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About the speaker: Rafa Pulido

Rafa Pulido is our Vice President of Product, with several years of experience in product teams across many different sectors he has grown to be an expert in his field. However, he prides himself on his continuous learning and self-development and is currently completing an Executive Master in Digital business. All this knowledge he has accumulated throughout his career, is used to create the most valuable product for our customers.

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