The New Age of Consumer Behaviour in Retail Report

Brands featured in this report

Is retail experiencing complete and utter chaos or a moment of transformation? The answer to this question depends entirely on who is framing it. For much too long, we have placed a laser-focus on the successes and failures of retail companies around the world. But deviating our attention this way has caused us to forget why retail is undergoing such a radical transformation. Changes in consumer behaviour. This report delves into the data and features insights from experts, uncovering which consumer behaviour trends are driving the metamorphosis of retail as we know it.

Hear from retail’s most respected voices…

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  • Shifts in consumer behaviour and their effects on retail category performance
  • Consumer spending insights, demographic profiling and footfall trends across the UK
  • Featured interviews with some of retail’s most respected thought leaders
  • Performance benchmarking of nine leading brands across different retail categories
  • Types of data forward-thinking retailers are using to revamp their retail networks

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