The Future of Retail Intelligence 2020

Some of the brands featured in this report

Exactly one year ago, we launched our first annual “Future of Retail Intelligence 2019” report. In it, we tracked openings, closings and relocations out on the high street, identifying new trends and key datasets retailers were using to survive the turbulent climate. A year later, we’re launching the second edition of the “Future of Retail Intelligence 2020”, where we analyse what has changed over the past 365 days, pinpointing new trends shaping the start of the decade while answering the question on everyone’s minds: Are retailers giving consumers what they want?

Did you know that creating an engaging in-store experience is “very important” to 37% of consumers when it comes to purchasing an item? Or, that product and service bundles are what consumers demand, but many retailers have forgotten about these kinds of promotions in the last year?

This year’s report goes a step further. Not only did we survey more than 600 retailers this time—but we also surveyed 600 consumers to find points of agreement and contention on what consumers want and what retailers are actually delivering.

Download the report and deep-dive into the data, learning the main reasons behind stores closures in 2019, retailer’s expansion plans for this year, the main challenges professionals will face throughout 2020 and new trends that will take the industry by storm.

Download this report and access:

  • Opening and closing trends in 2019 that are defining the retail ecosystem
  • Data retailers are using to boost the performance of existing outlets in their networks
  • Exclusive insights on what consumers value versus what retailers are delivering
  • New store formats that are revolutionising retail networks
  • And much more…

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