The New Retail Roadmap: 5 steps to optimise and maximise your network’s performance


In 2020, a New Era of retail has begun. For many companies, it meant the end of trading and sadly, many have not been able to reopen their stores. The ones who’ve been able to get back in the game, the underlying question remains: How to decide which stores to close and which ones to invest more in? As things are moving forward after a long period of uncertainty, it’s been challenging to say the least to get the priorities straight. Why?

One of the biggest trends we were focusing on in 2021 was aligning product offerings based on changes in consumer behaviour, and tailoring optimisation actions per location as the gateway to recovery. We believe that this is a starting point of any analysis and decision making process and it’s certainly the most important one to be able to start answering this underlying question – where to invest and how much?

So, you might be wondering, is there a formula for getting the most out of your retail network? Yes, there is!

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  • Optimise your network in 5 easy steps
  • Take advantage of internal and external data to maximise your network’s performance
  • Prioritise resources, reduce costs and invest more strategically

… and gain access to:

  •  Geoblink’s Retail Opportunity Index 2021 – where we look back at the past months to understand how the retail landscape has been changing so we can easily predict future trends and opportunities in 2022

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