Capitalising on Impulse Purchases of Consumer Goods Products 2020

Brands featured in this report

Have you ever found yourself going into a supermarket with just one item on your list (like cereal) and coming out of the place with a Tupperware pack that was on promotion? That’s impulse buying. And it doesn’t happen by chance.

But, are brands taking advantage of the opportunities associated with these kinds of sales? Impulse purchases represent a high potential revenue stream for the retailers and consumer goods manufacturers who know how to capitalise on them.

Did you know that the majority of consumers (59%) declared to discover products while browsing online channels? However, when it comes to the final conversion, online was the least effective medium at generating impulsive purchases with only 22% of survey participants selecting this option.

More than 300 consumers participated in this report and shed some insight into their unplanned purchasing habits. The data identifies new trends that reveal how sociodemographic factors and targeted promotion and distribution strategies are impacting impulsive buying behaviour.

Learn how impulse purchase patterns vary across five consumer goods categories: food, beverages, fashion, personal care and electronic accessories. 

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  • In-depth analyses of impulse purchasing behaviour
  • Key factors that promote impulsive buying and how to employ them
  • Impulse buying habits of different generations (Millennials, Baby Boomers, Gen Z, etc.)
  • Online’s influence on impulsive purchases offline: “see now, buy in-store impulsively later”
  • And much more…

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